See The Sound

Common Time is a 4-piece instrumental group whose amalgamation of influences come together to form a unique blend of modern music.  By marrying the spontaneity of jazz, the edge of rock, and the captivation of classical music, Common Time presents a sound which aims to reshape instrumental popular music.

Led melodically by the dulcet tones of violinist Abbie Steiling and the iridescent glissandi of pianist Nick Schlueter, Common Time takes listeners on a journey through their compositions, painting a variety of captivating themes and moods through their live performances.  The pulse of Common Time is driven by the percussive duo of drummer Harvey Love and bassist Rick Steiling  a tandem that launches from funk, rock, and jazz foundations to deliver memorable, edgy grooves that keep audiences of all musical interests moving.

Common Time's roots date to 2007 when Abbie, Nick, and Rick joined fellow drummer Josh Costello to form a new composition project under the name Steizuello, which culminated in the release of their 73-minute album "Send Help!" in 2012.  "Send Help!" can be found throughout your favorite online distributors, including CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

After a brief hiatus following the album's release and Josh's departure, Harvey Love joined the group, and the quartet re-branded as Common Time in 2014.

Our mission is to fill the air with our art, and to perform accessible fusion tunes that can be enjoyed by all.  Follow the links to learn about each Common Time member's musical passion, and join our story.