Harvey Love

If you've engaged in the music scene in the St. Louis Metro Area, chances are you've bobbed your head to the pronounced grooves of Harvey Love behind local St. Louis legends such as Ralph Butler, Kim Massie, Charles Glenn, and BB's Blues, Jazz & Soups manager John May.

Harvey brings a complete rhythmic foundation to Common Time, channeling a variety of influences from Buddy Rich to Antonio Sanchez.  Focusing on unique stick-work and rhythmic syncopation, Harvey introduces a dazzling, enticing feel to Common Time's compositions, showcasing a mesmerizing aptitude for deep pockets and improvisational spontaneity.

Beginning in his childhood at his grandfather's church just a few miles south of Chicago, Harvey has developed into a versed, genre-neutral drummer who has a love for the beauty of all works of music.

In addition to Common Time, Harvey has played for national and independent artists including R&B singer Christopher Williams, Richard Brooks (Brooks Brothers), and the late Lil' Dave Thompson.  He has opened up for the Staples Singers and Silk, and has played countless festivals near and far, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

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