Rick Steiling

Primarily a self-taught musician, Rick has moonlighted and brought his unique energetic approach on the bass to countless projects, including international exposure as the bass player of Pavlov's Dog since 2009 alongside regional acts and performances including those with Hillbilly Authority and innumerable musical pits and orchestras since 1995.  In Common Time, Rick presents a diverse musical background of progressive rock from his upbringing, shadowed by his passion and focus on the contemporary role of the bass in complex music compositions.  Rick has been significantly influenced by his personal studies of Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller, impressions that are backed by his infatuation of grooves produced by the likes of Jamiroquai, The Brothers Johnson, Tower of Power, and Carol Kaye.

Hearkening to his scientific background, Rick exhibits an array of sound modifications that provide bottom-end variety to Common Time's compositions.  His effects and atypical electric bass setup add to a presentation that is rooted in both funk and fusion.  Having been schooled from the recordings of Yes, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and early Chicago, Rick aims to provide Common Time a unique approach to their complex compositions.

Outside of his musical efforts, Rick enjoys a prominent passion as an amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer.  His accomplishments in this arena include several photographic publications, as well as a research publication detailing his discovery of a low-surface-brightness galaxy.  His full portfolio is available on his personal astronomy website, https://fuzzy.photos.